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Home Assistant


Default: False

This setting should be set to True if babybuddy is hosted through the ingress service of home assistant.

This setting is necessary so that babybuddy can build correct absolute paths to itself when run in home assistant. The ingress routing of home assistant otherwise will obfuscate the true host-url and some functions, like the QR-code generator for coupling devices might not work correctly.

In addition, the QR-Code that allows connecting external applications to baby buddy will expose home assistant's ingress-service cookie ingress_session. This cookie is created for a user visiting baby buddy through home assistant. It allows a connecting application to authenticate with home assistant's ingress service, which is a required extra step in for this setup.

Do not enable this feature on other setups. Attackers might be able to use this feature to redirect traffic in unexpected ways by manually adding X-Ingress-Path to the request headers.