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Pull requests

Baby Buddy's maintainers accept and encourage contributions via GitHub Issues and Pull Requests. Maintainers and users may also be found at babybuddy/Lobby on Gitter.


Icon font

Baby Buddy uses Fontello to build a custom icon font for icons used throughout the application. See babybuddy/static_src/fontello for further documentation about using the config file with Fontello and license information for fonts used by this application.


If the Pipfile is changed the requirements.txt must also be updated to reflect the change. This is necessary because hosting environments do not provide adequate support for pipenv. To update the requirements.txt file to be in sync with the Pipenv file run:

pipenv requirements > requirements.txt

Add and commit the changes to the requirements.txt file.

Static files

If static file assets (files in a static_src directory) are updated the production static files (in the static directory) must also be updated and committed. This is done because it prevents the need for Node and related tooling in deployment environments. See gulp updatestatic for more information on how to update the static files.


Modifying locale files requires some extra steps. See Translation for details.

Pull request process

  1. Fork this repository and commit your changes.
  2. Make and commit tests for any new features or major functionality changes.
  3. Run gulp lint and gulp test (see Gulp command reference) and ensure that all tests pass.
  4. Updated static assets if necessary and commit the /static folder (see gulp updatestatic).
  5. Open a new pull request against the master branch.

Maintainers will review new pull requests will as soon as possible, and we will do our best to provide feedback and support potential contributors.